Art Kit Deal

Buy 10, get 25% off

The end of the school year is fast approaching, making it a perfect time to take advantage of our offer on Art Kits, our pre-assembled collections of essential art supplies for a range of courses and ages.  

Ideal for institutional buyers, educators, or private course tutors, this offer can be customised with any combination of our pre-assembled Course Kits (or if you purchase 50 or more you can even modify them to your individual specification).

Simply spend £200 or more on our website and we will take 35% off at checkout.

All ARTWAY Course Kits are assembled from only high-quality materials - either well-known brand names or products that we've made ourselves to exacting standards. You can rest assured that you'll be receiving only the highest-quality creative supplies.

Take advantage of the great timing and great value of this offer!

Bulk Purchasing

For regular institutional buyers, contact us to set yourself up as a wholesale customer to enjoy fantastic discounts on everything you purchase and free shipping at all times.


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