Cutting Mats & Tools


Cutting Tools

For a number of specific arts and crafts tasks, from dressmaking to stencil making, collage to lino cutting, a specialised cutting tool is often a necessity, so at Artway we stock a large selection of blades - from a fine detail surgical scalpel to a Stanley-style craft knife and a whole host in-between - plus a wide offering of specialist scissors for pattern cutting, incredible value stainless steel scissors for general use, and our fine-point detail scissors for embroidery and tailoring.

In addition, we supply even more specialised tools like our thread cutter for tailoring and fashion design purposes, and a rotary cutter and circle cutter for a multitude of arts and crafts uses. Finally, for each blade that we sell, we also supply the corresponding replacement blade sets, for convenience. 

For all of your technical cutting needs, browse our fantastic selection of excellent quality and great value equipment below, sourced from our close working relationship with a number of leading further education institutions.


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