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Sketchbooks for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Wholesale prices on sketchbooks for schools with no account required. Payment by purchase order is also accepted. If you’re a school, college or university looking to provide sketchbooks for your students, Artway has you covered, with a range of stylish products to enable the creative imagination.

If you are an art student, or studying any type of creative course, then we have good quality art materials at very competitive prices. Our experience of providing kits for students at all stages of learning mean that our products are tailored to your needs. We have recently reduced the retail price of lots of Artway brand products by as much as 15% to ensure that you get great value for money. You will also get 35% off your order if you spend over £200.

Wholesale Sketchbooks for Schools, Colleges & Universities - No Account Required

It is now easier than ever to buy wholesale art materials from Artway! You no longer have to contact us to sign up for a wholesale account - you can simply spend more than £200 on art materials and we will automatically apply a 35% discount at checkout. This will give you our wholesale prices along with free shipping to the mainland UK.

Payment by Purchase Order

If you are buying art materials for a school, college or University then you are eligible to pay by Purchase Order. 

This option is available at checkout and once selected your order will be confirmed and you will be asked to email us the Purchase Order. Once this has been received, we will send out your order.

If you require a login to be able to see our wholesale prices in order to create purchase orders, then please contact us and we will send you a login. Please note that this login gives the same 35% wholesale discount.

Our Sketchbook Range


Our elegantly styled STUDIO sketchbook range is an excellent balance of superior quality and practicality. The hard covers are casebound with traditional methods and contain our premium 170gsm Artway cartridge paper.

A perfect fit for all your journaling or art & design ideas, the STUDIO sketchbook can accommodate a range of media - the heavyweight paper can even take a light wash with minimal buckling.

UK-made, and kind to the environment, the Artway STUDIO sketchbooks are premium quality and excellent value.


The Artway Enviro range of UK-made products feature fully recycled, acid-free materials at a fantastic price, with an emphasis on high quality - our cartridge paper is a heavyweight 170gsm, premium enough to take a light wash of watercolour or ink.

For the ethically-minded or budget-conscious artists who still need high quality materials, our Enviro Sketchbooks are a durable and flexible object for your creative ideas.


The Artway Indigo range of Sketchbooks feature unique in-house designs entirely handmade in India by local artisans. Casebound or Spiralbound in Indigo-hued, soft cotton paper, our Indigo Sketchbooks are covetous, individual, unique and practical. Beautiful objects for your creative ideas.

Premium 150gsm paper stock, the Indigo Sketchbooks are perfect for drawing and sketching in graphite and ink, as well as soft media and markers.


Our entry-level, best-value sketchbook range is still of high-quality, but at an excellent price. Perfect for students, and for all general art & design work. 

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