Architectural Drawing

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Artway have, for a number of years, been providing a very specific range of art supplies uniquely suited to Architecture students and professionals to assist their drawing work. This is due to our history of working with the architectural departments at several leading UK educational institutions.

Architectural drawing is a very technical pursuit, so to this end, we provide a great range of technical drawing equipment, including all the classic drawing accessories, including a great quality, acrylic set square offering, T-Square options - including both fixed and adjustable versions in a variety of sizes - and a selection of scale rulers to suit any purpose.

Expanding upon these essential basics, we also supply some very useful drawing accessories. The Artway Circle template is made from shatter proof and flexible plastic and includes 36 metric circles and a 22cm ruler - a very handy tool for a range of technical drawing and design purposes. We also sell a French curve set for precise and controlled curved lines and a range of fantastic tracing paper, in rolls of various paper weights and lengths.


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