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The choice of surface for your drawing projects has a huge impact on the texture, feel and final look of your artwork, and Artway have endeavoured to provide you with a range of options, depending on your preference.

Starting with our smoothest surface texture - the 200gsm, almost frictionless Graphic Pad stock, which is very similar to Bristol Board - this surface is great for high-precision, intricate artwork and is thus perfect for graphic design and illustration. Ink media - either graphic pens, dip pen nibs or brushes - and markers are the most common to use with this surface type, which is closer to card stock than cartridge paper.

At the other end of the scale are the heavier textures of our ‘35’ range of watercolour paper, featuring 35% cotton, which conveniently also happens to be both vegan - containing no Gelatin - and eco friendly, being completely acid-free.

The ‘35’ range is a ‘Cold-Pressed’ texture, which is the ‘medium’ watercolour paper grade, and makes it suitable for both large area washes and fine detail. It comes in sizes from A1 to A3.

We also stock many varieties in-between, from ultra-fine tracing paper to 170gsm cartridge paper, so Artway are sure to have all the surfaces you will need.



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