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Inks & Dyes

We stock a range of quality art supplies inks and dyes (pigmented inks and dye based inks) for a variety of creative applications.

Pigmented inks:

Inks which have visible pigment held in liquid. The pigment never fully dissolves and can often physically be seen to separate from the solution requiring a good shake to rectify the situation. As the particles in pigmented ink are solid in character when used straight from the bottle they offer a high opacity reducing down when diluted with water. Indian/Chinese inks and acrylic inks are examples of pigmented inks.

Dye based inks:

Dyes fully dissolve in water. Such inks offer very low opacity through to being completely transparent. Quality dye based inks tend to be far brighter/stronger than pigmented inks flowing more naturally. Different surfaces however will alter dramatically perceived colour - absorbent surfaces will draw down the intensity of colour whilst properly sized papers will tend to retain colour on the surface before drying.

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