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Carry Cases

The Artway Carry cases are a hollow work carrier designed for the storage, protection and transportation of artwork - itdoes not contain metal ring binders like presentation portfolios. With a larger depth than a portfolio the Artway carry case can hold a wide variety of work particularly with raised/textured surfaces and on thicker boards and card. Like our Presentation portfolios the Carry Case is made to be sturdy and durable, they include handy features like pockets inside and out, a shoulder strap and an elastic restraining band ( so your work doesn’t move about to much). It’s great for students needing to move work to and from school, college and university. 

The Artway carry tube is ideal for storing and transporting sheetsof paper, card and artwork in a very convenient and compact form. The lightweight plastic tube features an adjustable shoulder/cross body strap to leave you hands free.  (Artway Carry cases and Art tubes are also available in wholsesale packs) 


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