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Art and Craft Kits

Our art and craft kits have been created using our 25-years experience of providing art materials to academic institutions. They are a great way to ensure that your students have all the correct equipment for lessons, ideal school art packs for GSCE and A-level but also a great starter and base packs for any creative course or inspiring artist. They’re fantastic value for money including branded products as well as high-quality Artway products.

We currently provide kits for schools, colleges, universities as well as people running private courses. Providing pre-made and bespoke kits for Foundation courses, Architecture, Photography, Fashion and Textile, Drawing and Design courses as well as many more.

Bespoke Kits

If you are a school, college or university and require a bespoke kit, just contact us and we can create one for you. We’ve built the process with flexibility so at the centre so it's simple and easy.

  • Tell us exactly what you need and we’ll send you a quote (no obligation attached)
  • We can source products that we don’t currently stock
  • You can either buy the kits form us at our wholesale prices or students can buy them directly from our website
  • The kits can be sent to the location you specify on the date and time you need them

Bulk discount

We offer a bulk discount if you are buying serval art kits which is part of our wholesale scheme. If you become a wholesale customer then you will get 25% off the price of the kits, you will also get free shipping. For more information, click here

You can get 25% if you buy 10 or more without having to become a wholesale customer.

Pre-made Kits

We have 6 pre-made kits available for everyone to buy. Our A4 essential kit is great for a starter pack for inspiring artists, with everything you’d need to play and experiment. Our A3 and A4 art kits are perfect for art GSCE and A-Level. We have 3 more specialist kits available a Lino printing and cutting kits, a fashion/textile kit and a gilding/gold leaf kit.


 Buy 10 or more Art Kits and get 25% off - Discount applied at Checkout


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