Artway Chinese Sumi Ink (100ml & 500ml)

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Free flowing dense traditional Chinese black drawing ink ideal for illustration, calligraphy and brush work. Supplied in a plastic container with screw cap for easy transference. Works beautifully with Artway bamboo dip pens, mapping pens and Chinese brushes.

Use neat for dense dark shading and sumi-e painting or dilute with water for ink washes and gradient effects. Dries to a matte black finish.

Type: Liquid ink, made from oil soot. Weight: 180ml (6.35oz*1pcs) With slight pleasant fragrance.

Redstar Ink Mill is one of the most famous Ink Mills In Anhui Province of China. All ink is made in traditional tech in all ages.

Handmade from the tough bark of the Tara Wing-Celtis or Blue Sandalwood tree and rice straw, Xuan paper is known for its strong, smooth surface, its ability to absorb water and moisten ink, and fold repeatedly without breaking. It has been widely used in calligraphy, painting and book printing.

The majority of the time, India ink will use charcoal ash where as Sumi ink will only use pinewood ash as its coloring agent in the ink formula.

Yuenboku is the rarer type of Sumi ink that is made using lamp oil and Shoenboku is the name give to the more popular type of Sumi ink made using pinewood ash where as India ink is usually just called India ink no matter the changes in its recipe.

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