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Artway Enviro (Recycled) Wirobound Sketchbooks - 170 gsm - A3 Landscape

£9.27 (Inc. vat)
£7.72 (Ex. vat)


  • 70 sides of heavyweight 170gsm recycled cartridge paper
  • This premium recycled cartridge has sufficient tooth (surface texture) to hold soft media but not so much as to hinder finer, graphic work thus making it suitable for all dry and light wash applications.
  • New hardboard covers are extremely durable and very resistant to atmospheric conditions - unlike many greyboard sketchbooks.
  • With the 'soft' side out, they look fantastic and feel nice too!
  • All of our Enviro books are produced using locally sourced quality RECYCLED materials
  • These books are bound with a black 3/4" wiro which provides a good balance between structure and practical usage
  • Wiro binding provides the expansion required to attache added materials (cuttings, swatches etc) to internal pages. It also allows pages to be easily removed and for the book to be folded completely around on itself to take up minimum space
  • A2 sketchbook makes an excellent Floor Book for Primary Schools

Looking After Your Sketchbook

  • We recommend that users get in to the habit of manually closing the wire loops on a regular basis particularly if their books have a good number of pages with added material
  • We often get asked if you can use wet media (watercolour/ink etc) in our books. Cartridge papers are not the ideal surface for such applications lacking the strength and rigidity required however if you don't mind a bit of buckling as the paper dries out then it's not a problem. Our heavier cartridge certainly helps to resist these effects although the wetter the surface the more it will be affected

Enviro covers are a recycled product and as such are subject to surface variation on colour and texture.

ALL Artway branded paper is 100% acid free having gone through an oxygenated process to whiten and clean the paper rather than having bleach (and other harmful acidic agents) added to produce this effect. Modern paper making methods and standards in the Western world have, over the course of the last 30 years or so, advanced to the point that almost all newly generated recycled paper is now derived from acid free 'clean’ pulp with the resultant paper being acid free in content.

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