Artway INDIGO Handmade 100% Cotton-Rag Paper Packs - 500gsm mid texture

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£15.95 (Inc. vat)
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The 100% handmade Artway Cotton-Rag paper extra heavy 500gsm MID TEXTURE packs are a fantastic addition to our Indigo handmade range. Each pack, being handmade, is entirely unique in tone and grain, though overall the paper is extra heavyweight (500gsm) with a mid-textured surface. For a unique and beautiful ground for your creative ideas, these paper packs are unmatched.

Containing 100% cotton rag, this extra heavy 500gsm paper is naturally tough providing durability, structure and support for many different applications. The stiff board feel to this paper makes it highly suitable for watercolour and other painting techniques as well as a range of dry and soft media - for oil painting, the surface will need to be prepared with gesso. Each sheet is individually handmade and features a fully deckled edge.

Created entirely by local artisans in Northern India using traditional paper-making methods. Available in A4, A5 and A6 sizes (natural variations in paper size and shape will occur between sheets due to the handmade nature of the product).

Each Artway Indigo Handmade Cotton-Rag Paper pack is wrapped in a recycled kraft paper covering to protect external surfaces. It is also 100% acid-free with a neutral pH.

Being handmade results in a paper with no real discernible grain direction. Some extremely faint marks might be discernible on one side of the paper (imprinted from the screen mesh) however there is no front and back to the surfaces. Each sheet is totally unique

Please Note: We do not recommend feeding this paper through a printer (laser/inkjet), this is as the paper is fibrous and could lead towards damage to the printer

Create your artworks using a unique, beautiful surface with Artway Indigo Handmade Cotton-Rag papers.

100% Vegan

  • 100% handmade extra heavy 500gsm Cotton-Rag paper with a MID-TEXTURE SURFACE
  • Available in A4, A5 & A6 sizes - these dimensions are approximate due to the one-off, handmade nature of each sheet
  • A4 - 15 sheets approx. | A5 - 25 sheets approx. | A6 - 35 sheets approx.
  • Each sheet of paper has its own unique character with natural deckled edges on all 4 sides
  • Highly suitable for watercolour along with dry/soft media and other painting applications

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