Artway Soft Cut Polymer Sheet for Lino Printing - Blue - A2, A3 & A4

£2.71 (Inc. vat)
£2.26 (Ex. vat)

ARTWAY ® Polymer sheets are a great alternative to Lino, with some key advantages. They’re cheaper than Lino, much easier to cut, and you can use both sides to print with.

Available in opaque blue to match the traditional Lino experience, or totally clear polymer to provide the added advantage of being able to see your image beneath while you carve! Polymer sheets have an easily workable, smooth surface and are extremely flexible, so no need to worry about not having a completely flat surface - create large print works with ease.

The Polymer we use is fantastic quality and is now also available, uniquely to Artway, in a huge A2 size (blue opaque only so far).

  • Available in A4, A3 and A2 in blue
  • Great quality polymer sheets - soft, easy-cut with no need to pre-warm
  • Clear sheets allow you to effectively trace images
  • No hessian backing, so use both sides for double the value
  • Suitable for all normal Lino media - water/oil based inks, block printing inks


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