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Artway Strong PVA Glue / Medium - WHOLESALE PACKS

£69.12 (Inc. vat)
£57.60 (Ex. vat)

Artway Strong PVA Medium is a full strength premium art and craft adhesive. It has a thicker consistency than standard PVA for a strong adhesion which can however be diluted for less demanding applications. Can be mixed with water-based colour pigments for colour applications. Ideal for collage; bookbinding; surface sealing/varnish; fabric stiffening as well as a general adhesive.

  • Full strength adhesive
  • High quality
  • Dries clear with a flexible finish
  • Thicker consistency which can be diluted for less demanding jobs
  • Can be applied as a thin layer over artwork to protect surfaces
  • Washable when wet
  • Free from phthalates, latex, wheat and gluten
  • Comes in a plastic bottle with a flip closure lid

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