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We have a selection of cards and boards ranging in uses for artwork, presenting and displaying, stencilling, model making and more. Artway STUDIO White 300gsm Card is our premium heavyweight surface suitable for a range of creative activities. Its smooth uncoated surface makes it great for detailed graphic work, printing and cardmaking. Artway ENVIRO 270gsm Recycled Black Card is made in the UK and the same card used in the popular ENVIRO black card sketchbooks. This dense black card is perfect for drawing and illustration work, perfect to make white or metallic pigmented materials pop.

Foamboard is extremely useful and suitable for mounting and displaying a variety of drawing, painting and photography and works as a lightweight alternative to mountboard, widely used in crafts as it can be cut to any shape or size. Artway Mountboard is UK made and available in three different colours white, black and charcoal grey with a cream core. It acts as the perfect surface for mounting and displaying artwork for a portfolio or presentation. Artway Corrugated Cardboard is high-quality laminated cardboard that has small tight fluting providing extra rigidity and strength making it ideal for many 3D applications like architecture model making.



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