Drawing Pencils

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Drawing Pencils

We stock a selection of graphite and coloured pencils from a variety of well-known brands including our INDIGO range. A pencil is one of the most traditional and fundamental tools of any artist, doodler, illustrator or architect. It's a universal implement allowing you to scribble down quick sketches/ideas or create intricate and detailed drawings, made with two main components the wooden outer and graphite centre. A pencil core is made from a mix of clay and graphite in varying quantities to produce different grades - more clay results in harder leads giving lighter tones ('H' grades) whereas, more graphite gives softer leads with darker and blacker lines ('B' grades). HB is an equal mix of graphite and clay.

If you're looking for colour we have a selection of wax, watercolour and pastel based pencil sets from some of the most well-known brands. One of the main questions we get asked is what the difference between a 'normal' coloured pencil and a watercolour one the answer is the binder - a standard colour pencil uses wax or oil-based binders whereas a watercolour pencil uses a water-soluble one.

For technical drawing, we have a variety of refillable mechanical and clutch pencils in a range of widths and a wide selection of replacement leads, even specialist blue leads used for copying and animation.


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