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Recycled Art Supplies

Providing good quality recycled art supplies has always been important to us as a company. Our ENVIRO range of recycled sketchbooks have been really popular for many years and we have recently added to the range with additional sizes. We are also very excited to introduce our new range of Flat White cartridge paper which is made from coffee cup waste material.

ENVIRO Sketchbooks

These sketchbooks have 170gsm cartridge paper which is made from the recycled paper waste of a mill in the UK. This mill waste is pre-consumer which means that it doesn't have the greyness of a lot of recycled paper. For the covers we use hardboard which offer great protection and are of course recycled. Initially we were going to have the hard side of the hardboard out but our bookbinders mad a mistake with the first batch and they arrived with the soft side out and we thought they looked (and felt!) great so we stuck with them. Our wirobound A4 Enviro sketchbooks are now consistently the top selling sketchbooks on Amazon!

FLAT WHITE Cartridge Paper

Our relationship with the mill that produces our Enviro recycled cartridge paper has given us the opportunity to start producing another quality cartridge paper that is made from 50% coffee cup waste material and 50% mill waste. The coffee cup material is the waste material created in the cup manufacturing process and this has previously been sent to landfill. By using this waste we are reducing landfill and we have also found that it makes excellent drawing paper!


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