Recycled Art Supplies


ARTWAY as a company is keenly aware of our responsibility towards the environment, and to this end we have always attempted to create a range of art supplies that are as eco friendly as possible. 

For a number of years we have been manufacturing and supplying our Enviro fully recycled sketchbook range and our Flat White range of recycled paper, containing 50% pre-consumer waste from disposable coffee cups. To cut down on the detrimental effect of transportation on the environment, all of these products are also made entirely within the UK, making them excellent eco friendly gifts

We also source an excellent quality, UK made, acid-free, recycled black card. We use this 270gsm card in our Enviro exclusive black card sketchbook range, available in a variety of sizes including an unusual square format - these sketchbooks utilise a fully recycled hardboard cover, which is softer than you may think! In addition to this, the black card is also available in packs of A1, A2, A3 & A4 card sheets - making it a perfect surface for a variety of uses, from a lightweight mounting board to high contrast design & illustration work, to the perfect surface for metallic shades of acrylic paint or ink, and even for shimmer watercolour paints, which we handily stock!

In instances where the product is not made from recycled material, we aim to create eco friendly products that feature fully recyclable materials, including the packaging. Occasionally the very minimal use of plastic is necessary to ensure that Artway customers enjoy the highest quality products as possible - for example, our delicate soft pastels or watercolour sets that need extra protection from humidity or atmospheric changes. 

With regards to products that are not manufactured in the UK, we always aim to do this with good reasons - our handmade products range is a perfect example, where we aim to support communities of local artisans in India to create a beautifully tactile and unique, handmade end product. 

In addition, in our warehouse facility, we keep all packing material we receive from our suppliers, and always recycle this, to avoid waste in the process of getting our art supplies to you! 

Take a look through our recycled range below, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us!


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