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Scola Batik Dye and Dye Fixer

£9.50 (Inc. vat)
£7.92 (Ex. vat)

High concentrate Batik Dyes ready to use direct from the bottle. These intense, vibrant colours can easily be diluted with water to produce a range of more subtle tones. Colours are intermixable to produce a wider spectrum. Highly suitable on most natural fabrics and papers.

Dyes can be used for dipping and brush applications utilising wax resist and traditional batik techniques.

On completion cold fix using Dye Fixer. Simply cover designs with fixer and leave sealed in a plastic bag for a minimum of two hours or up to several days. Upon completion rinse fabric using clean water. Sealed designs on fabric can then be laundered in the normal way.

For both products it is recommended that children use under adult supervision only.

4 x 250ml bottles - Red/Blue/Yellow/Black

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