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Sennelier Oil Paint - Rive Gauche 40ml and 200ml

£3.40 (Inc. vat)
£2.83 (Ex. vat)

Sennelier have been making fine oils in France for the past 130 years - ‘Rive Gauche’ represents their latest range of quality highly developed paints. A new formulae offering outstanding properties:

• Oils that dry TWICE as fast as classic oils whilst retaining a distinctive buttery consistency and texture

• Safflower oil represents the main constituent part of the product and is characterised by both it’s very low level of yellowing over time (50% less than linseed) and its compatibility with pigments

• Excellent opacity and luminous properties drying to a satin finish

• Available in 20 colours: 40ml & 200ml tubes

• Great price point for artists of all levels

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