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Artway Sketch Book Sizes

Browse our selection of beautiful, high quality sketch books for drawing , painting, mixed media, sketching, note-taking and many other uses, by size:

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Artway produce a wide range of different sketch book sizes in styles to suit every need - hard and soft bindings in a variety of finishes, from Kraft card to leather. If you’re looking for great environmentally friendly gifts, or need a reliable sketch book for adults and kids alike, for study or hobbies, Artway has you covered.

We can provide the perfect sketchbook for your particular needs, whether it’s an extra large A2 sketch pad for big projects and ideas, an A3 sketchbook for life-drawing, an A4 sketch pad for school or university artwork or an A5 or A6 sketchbook for drawing and painting on-the-go.

A1 Sketchbook

You may be assuming that the A1 size we have listed is a typo, but fear not, we do actually supply a sketchbook in this rare and enormous size! For large-scale sketching projects or purely as a collector’s item, this almost bizarrely expansive sketchbook is great fun to simply behold, let alone hold.

Being part of the handmade Indigo range, this sketchbook behemoth is not unwieldy, despite the dimensions - it’s also a unique and individual object, wrapped in the same soft cotton rag paper, dyed by hand, as with all the Indigo Sketchbook range.

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