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Wholesale Art Materials

Paper & Card | Painting Supplies | Sketchbooks | Portfolios | Measuring Tools |

When buying wholesale art materials with Artway you can get up to 45% off most Artway products, (35% off cartridge paper and card packs). We can also give 25% off other stocked brands.

To order individual art materials with the wholesale discount applied you have to have a wholesale customer account first (and be signed in). To set up an account click here.

There is no minimum product quantity placed orders, but the total of your order has to be £100 + VAT before it can be placed.
We also have certain products like paper, sketchbooks, brushes and portfolios in wholesale packs which are available to purchase without signing up as a wholesale customer.


We will generally ship your order the day after we get it and you should then receive it within a couple of working days. Delivery is free for wholesale account customers in mainland UK

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If you have any queries about our wholesale art supplies or would like to discuss things further, please contact us

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