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Artway STUDIO Casebound Sketchbook - 170gsm - A3 Portrait

£15.16 (Inc. vat)
£12.63 (Ex. vat)

Our STUDIO Case sketchbooks are black wibalin cloth covered CASEBOUND books in portrait format. They are available in our unique and very popular Graduate size (350 x 260mm), A3, A4, A5 and two different squares.


  • They contain 92 sides/46 pages (76 sides in the A3 books) of heavyweight 170gsm acid free cartridge paper
  • This premium paper has sufficient tooth (surface texture) to hold soft media but not so much as to hinder finer, graphic work thus making it suitable for all dry applications.
  • Folded, cut, glued and sewn throughout this book is produced using the traditional bookbinding process. Proper case bound books are made to withstand heavy use and, if looked after, will function as they should for many years.
  • Research your case bound books carefully as some are made using the 'perfect binding' method which merely glues loose papers in to a spine. Whilst cheaper to produce these books generally fail quickly having a short useable life - particularly if the book is regularly used flattened out to work across two sides. This can crack the spine resulting in pages becoming loose.
  • Covering the board with the wibalin cloth reduces moisture getting to the greyboard beneath and therefore restricts warping. 

Looking after your Sketchbook

  • We often get asked if you can use wet media (watercolour/ink etc) in our books. Cartridge papers are not the ideal surface for such applications, lacking the strength and rigidity required, however if you don't mind a bit of buckling as the paper dries out then it's not a problem. Our heavier cartridge certainly helps to resist these effects although the wetter the surface the more it will be affected.


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